Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I've biked 32 miles in the last two work days,  which is 32 miles more than I've biked in over six months! It's about 3 miles longer round trip to get to work from my new house. And there's a huge hill on the way home. I already feel better,  though. I really have noticed the effects from going from 60 miles a week to buying a car and biking zero miles a week. Unfortunately 7 of my gears (the lowest ones! ) are broken,  so I am getting an unecessarily killer workout. Soon to be fixed...

I love commuting to work. It takes about 17 minutes longer to bike and there's no possible way that I'd get a decent workout in that time otherwise!  And it's free,  and I'm less flabby when I bike!  The pounds haven't really crept up but everything is becoming fat instead of muscle.

I also like starting things when they're least likely to work out. I used to start new workout plans and weight loss goals in November,  because I figured if I could lose weight during the holidays and not wait till New Year rolled around,  I'd be more likely to succeed. In the same way,  it feels kind of good to be starting biking while it's pouring rain.  

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