Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Out with kiddos

Strangely unable to edit text the way I wantand too frustrated with my phone to fix it. I'll just leave you with these pictures. And I have deactivated my Facebook account. I saw one too many idiotic, meaningless ads. Maybe I'll go back. But in the meantime it'll be nice to focus on people I know in person and do a little blogging :)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

More clothes

My latest work outfit. I used to wear all scrubs that work supplied, but I have started wearing my old school pants and a sweater that I found at Ross with a work-supplied scrub top underneath. Pardon the expression on my face :)  Pants, from school days. Sweater, $16 from Ross. Shoes, $60, eBay. The shoes are from Alegria and are the most comfortable shoes ever! They only last about a year, however, before the sole splits where it flexes, and since the straps secure with Velcro, they sometimes come loose. 
I don't know how to reorder pictures on my phone, but this is supposed to go second. I got my belly button pierced a few weeks ago, and while I was wearing cropped tops before, I like them even more now! Top, bought too long ago to remember. Pants, from a friend. 
The cargo pants I wear frequently that I mentioned in my last post. 

Friday, April 1, 2016


I recently visited one of the bigger thrift stores in Eugene and made some great finds. I took pictures of one of the finds and it inspired me to take pictures of one other outfit that I really love. Maybe more pictures of my wardrobe to come! I've been kind of routine with what I wear, and I'm ready to bust out of that for summer. A while ago I pretty much stopped wearing jeans, but now I have a pair of hip hugger cargo pants that I've gotten in the habit of wearing. They're very practical (I don't have to carry a purse with all the pockets!) but I miss feeling elegant, which sometimes happens when I put more thought into my clothes :)

This is a vintage designer suit from Samuel Winston, by Roxane from the 1950s of 1960s. I found other suits by the same designer in the 1950s with an ORIGINAL price tag of $459! It's all wool and feels very light and soft, perfect for spring. This was literally the third or fourth piece of clothing I looked at on the rack and I knew immediately that I should buy it, and I had a feeling it fit me (though I tried it on, of course!). It has a third tag that says "Nicholas Ungar," which is the name of a retail store in Portland, Oregon, that Nordstrom bought and renamed in 1966. 

With the jacket on. 

Jacket, $4 yardsale (first vintage thing I bought). Hat, $2, thrift store.
 Shoes $40, eBay. Leather purse, $6, thrift store. 

One of my absolute favorite dresses. I want to learn how to 
copy this so I can make more in other colors and fabrics! It is
vintage but I don't know how old it is. 

Dress, $7, thrift store.  Shoes, $40, eBay. 

I love the buttons! There's a button on the belt, too. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I used to have a ton of shoes. As a teenager I had perhaps 45-50 pairs. I found a photo of them recently and realized I hardly wore any of them. It was mostly just a collection! Since I worked at a second -hand store I had easy access to used shoes. I thought for fun I'd catalogue my current collection. I wear every shoe I own regularly. A few are seasonal. I bought three of them new. One pair not pictured are slippers, which are new with tags from the thrift store for $5. 

Boots. These are LL Bean and I've worn them almost daily in the winter for two years. They have slight leaks now, unfortunately, but I wear them mostly  when biking to work, as it drizzles constantly in the winter. $89 new. 

My starting -to -look-ratty flats. These are New Balance and are great every day shoes. They are getting old though. They look a little better in person than in the photo! This is my old casual winter shoe. I'm going to keep them as backups to my new pair of casual winter shoes, which are pictured next. Thift store, well worn in already, $3. 

These are the same exact model as my work shoes and they  are going to be my winter shoes. Super psyched because they'll go great with a dress and tights and they are very comfortable. They are Alegria's Paloma. $120, new. 

These were in my neighbor's free pile on the spring and I've worn them all summer, unless I was wearing clothes that clashed. It's amazing how many red or things I own! (Although the shoes look pink, they're actually a true red.) The only shoe on my wishlist is a classier looking, neutral colored summer shoe for next year, as these will probably be too worn to go another summer. $0. 

My other go-to summer shoes. This is my third summer wearing these, and I wore them daily for the first two summers. They were on sale from LL Bean for $20 - worth every penny! I've never gotten Walmart flip flops to last that long.

  My old work sneakers (soaked in bleach!). I use these only for biking in the summer time, and I wear them as often as I go to work. Thrift store, like -New for $12. 

These were my first pair of heels that I ever have found that actually fit me. I had seen a pair of shoes in this brand that I really liked but couldn't find in stores anywhere. Then these popped up in a thrift store. Vey exciting day. I wear these with any kind of outfit that these don't clash with and have been my dress shoes for about a year. Trotters, $12, thrift store. 

Black pumps! I just got these on eBay, which are also Trotters and the same size as the previous pair, but unfortunately this toe shape is  bit tight. It would be impossible to get such an elegant line if they were super wide, though, so I'm more or less happy with them..they are my go-to dress shoe now. $40 delivered, eBay. 

I guess I have one more shoe wish which is a pair of wider Trotters in nude for next summer, and with a fairly low heel so I can wear it with all of my dresses as an every day shoe.

There you have it, a working collection of 8 shoes. I feel like just about all of my needs are met. I have lived with this many shoes or less for 6 years now and I don't have any regrets. It's a lot easier to take care of the shoes I have and I can invest in a good shoe that will last me a good number of years. If I get my shoe wishes taken care of for next year I will get rid of one pair and gain two, and then I will have 9 pairs. 

If only I could do this for my clothes! This does make me have hope that I could minimalize my clothes and be happy with the result. Not that 8 pairs of shoes is really minimalistic, but it's a lot closer than I used to live. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer update

Life has been marching onward! We went to the county fair today and had a lot of fun. The evening ended for myself and Tassie with part of a Joan Jett performance. Since we live just blocks from the fairgrounds we had gone home for supper, and we'd left Porter and Millie at home so Millie could go to sleep. Halfway through the concert Tassie and I went home so Porter could go back to the fairgrounds to listen to the second half of the concert. It was pretty impressive, to see Jett play. I was also proud of my daughter, as she and I were some of the only people in the crowd dancing! Couldn't believe it. 

In September I leave my "extended training" in the intermediate care unit and move back to the ICU. It's a welcome change, although I am a little more educated about just how stressful it could be. I'm not worried, though. I've always been comfortable in the intermediate care unit and it is basically just a progression from there. Not that I don't have a healthy respect for the differences and difficulties specific to the ICU :)

Tassie turned four this summer; Millie turns two this November! I had to check myself that it's really two that she's turning. It had gone by so fast. Also, I've been working as an RN for a year now! That's crazy  

As a friend recently told me, "life is good but the daily grind is hard!" Life is generally good but occasionally it's a struggle just to keep up washing  distress, wiping dirty faces and putting the kiddos to sleep. Alright, more than occasionally :p 

We still primarily use our bikes and trailer for transportation. I have been keeping track with Strava, a phone app and I average about 55 miles a week. It is amazingly satisfying. I don't have to make time for regular exercise because it's built into my life. My quads are rocks, too :) I feel mostly for Porter because while I sometimes haul the girls in the trailer, he almost always has to cart them around, and the girls by themselves weigh well over 60 pounds. He also, admirably, does the grocery shopping and whatnot without a car. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

On lunch

The title says all! Lunch at 3am. Life is going well. Seems like I'm working all of the time but I do get a fair amount of time off. The weeks just go by so fast! My two week cycle goes by so fast. Also, in news, I'm moving to the ICU in September. I've been working on the intermediate care unit for about 8 months now and I feel pretty comfortable most of the time. I've always felt pretty comfortable here, though. :) Alright. Done with lunch. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coffee and Chainsaws

This morning I am stealing a few minutes by myself (with coffee :) ) at the kitchen table. The girls are on the porch eating their breakfast watching the tree maintenance guys trim the tree from the power lines out front. Um, spoke too soon! I was halfway through the sentence before this one and Tassie called out "Millie spilled all of my food!" Tassie was almost done, but now the girls are calling out "Nooo, nooo, nooo!" in unison because they want to come inside.

So that's probably why I don't blog a lot anymore. :)

Work is going very well. I even oriented a new RN the other day! I've now been licensed for just over a year, and soon will have been at my job for a year. Time flies, life is busy, my perpetual life theme.

I planted hops in the little strip of soil next to our house! Tassie and I have been putting a little twig in the twine at the top of one day's growth and noting how far it grows every day. It sometimes grows 2 inches. I think they can grow up to a foot a day in the summer! I am intending for them to be multipurpose. They are growing on twine that goes over one of our windows, so it'll allow for some shade in the heat of summer. They also will provide hops for brewing, and supposedly they make good tea. Malt, hops, and yeast are the major (and usually only) components of beer, and if I can grow my own hops that will be a good cost savings. I haven't brewed in well over a year, sadly enough, but I have all of my equipment and I'm hoping to start again in the fall when I don't have to worry about high temperatures for the fermenting period. Brewing in summer heat without any heat control results in off-flavors. I do want to get a propane burner for brewing, because it's very hard on the stove to heat 5 gallons of water and boil it for an hour.

I need to blog more regularly because I  can always just put up some pictures and call it a blog post. It would certainly be a window into my life that some of you can't see from so far away.

Last night I was looking out our back kitchen window and I saw a beautiful, bright sunset, and what looked like firework sparks moving sideways, in an erratic pattern. It was moths lit up so brightly they looked like fire. I thought about walking along the block to see them up close. But it wouldn't have been so magical, would it?

I learned today that a group of moths is called an "eclipse" :)